1. having the power, skill, means, or opportunity to do something.


A.B.L.E. is a non-profit organization formed by an impassioned group of prosthetists, physicians, physical therapists, and amputees who make it their mission to provide new amputees with the power, the skill, the means, & the opportunity to do anything they set their mind to.  Together, we inspire those faced with limb loss to live beyond life's expectations and surpass all perceived limits to reach their fullest potential. 

"Life is about using that which could limit you to make your life limitless."



Our Mission
A.B.L.E. is a non-profit organization comprised of many dedicated individuals who have made it their mission to empower people affected by limb loss.  We offer education, training, and support for anyone who desires it. We host monthly peer support group meetings for amputees and their loved ones; sponsor fundraising efforts for those who cannot afford prosthetic devices; and provide critical recovery information to make living with limb loss a little easier for everyone. 
Our Board Members


Cell: (501) 398- 1111


Lindsay Hicks

President/Chairman of the Board

Kristin Stewart
Troy Ardoin, M.D.

Executive Board Member

Chris Madison
Executive Board Member/ A.B.L.E. Ambassador


- ambassadors -

Chris Madison


George Sanders  (206) 573- 7866

Monica Heidenthal



Executive Board
The Executive Board is comprised of dedicated members that handle daily operations of the organization. Our executive board members offer a variety of educational, social, and cultural backgrounds and are dedicated to making a difference in the amputee community. We are prosthetists, orthotists, doctors, patients, and physical therapists; and we are committed to creating awareness and enriching the lives we touch.


How often does A.B.L.E. meet for peer-support group meetings?

We have a monthly support group meeting that takes place on the second, third and fourth Mondays of each month. We alternate meeting locations between Baptist Rehabilitation Institute, NLR VA Hospital and various LR Rehab Centers and our new meeting place at Saline Memorial. We can also provide more impromptu meetings when requested by a rehab facility, hospital, or other source. Just let us know when you need us and we'll be there!

Who comes to A.B.L.E. meetings?

Anyone is invited!  The group meetings are focused on providing support and knowledge for anyone facing limb loss.  This includes the individual who has undergone an amputation, as well as their family, friends, caregiver, physical therapists, or anyone else interested in our cause. We offer a laid back atmosphere for all attendees to feel welcome and comfortable in sharing their story. We don't expect you to share if you don't want to, however; we just expect you to come have a good time with your peers.

Is there someone I can contact privately if I don't want to share my questions out loud?

Yes. We have a group of experienced amputees, seasoned veterans  & expert prosthetic users, who make it their mission to aid new amputees in adjusting to life with limb loss. Having gone through an amputation themselves, they will be able to provide you first hand knowledge of their experience and relate to you on a personal level. Think of them as personal life coaches to get you back on your feet and functioning better than ever! They are all incredibly passionate, gracious people and are never too busy to lend an ear, or even a hand. 

How do I sign-up to volunteer with A.B.L.E.?

Just send us an email, give us a call, or even just show up at our next meeting or event! We're always in need of more volunteers to help further our cause & we'd love to have you! For immediate attention, email your info to ablearkansas@yahoo.com.

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