If you or someone you know is facing an amputation or has already undergone an amputation of one or more limbs, we are here to help. We have many experienced amputees who have overcome your same situation and gone on to live out their dreams.  Now, they want to tell you about it & help you realize the same feelings of achievement.  


Our monthly meetings offer amputees from all walks of life a chance to share their stories and experiences and discover new, valuable information. We have local prosthetists, physicians, and therapists available to answer your questions; as well as first-hand accounts from other amputees and their loved ones.


When it comes to limb loss, prosthetics, rehabilitation, social adaptation, and the like; we are your best and most convenient resource. We will do whatever it takes to help you overcome the struggles you are facing and hopefully inspire you to motivate someone else in your shoes. Please join us at our next meeting. We'd love to have you!


Peer Support Group Meetings
Create Awareness

Almost 2 million Americans are living with limb loss. Another 28 million people in our country are at risk for amputation. It's up to us to make sure these people have a voice....a voice that is heard, a voice that is respected, a voice that is rewarded. While the economy struggles and inusrance companies tighten their restrictions for providing prosthetics, we are tasked with the responsibility to create awareness and provide helpful resources for those who wish to find success with a prosthesis.

Provide Limbs to the Limbless

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Life with limb loss should be considered LIMITLESS! The old saying goes, "where there's a will, there's a way."  Well, if you have the "will," we'll provide the "way." And we promise you won't have to go at it alone. Our Ambassadors, who have dealt with amputations of their own, give a new definition to "ABLE-Bodied." With the support of their peers and medical team, they have gone on to set world records, raise beautiful families, climb mountains, swim across oceans, manage multi-million dollar companies, run marathons, hike unbeaten paths, and inspire millions. We also have professionally trained and board certified prosthetists volunteer their time and expertise to ensure your prosthetic success story is one for the record books. If you need help getting back on your feet, you can count on A.B.L.E.


Inspire Amputees

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Sadly, very few patients walk through our doors exclaiming "I want the best prosthesis money can buy. Cost isn't a factor!"  With the current healthcare climate, patients are lucky if their insurance will cover a very rudimentary arm or leg; much less anything of higher sophistication.  This is such a shame considering all that technology has to offer our amputees, but this isn't the end of the road for those seeking prosthetic treatment. We are committed to providing limbs to the limbless & have a number of resources to assist us in this process.  We collect donated parts and host fundraisers to cover the cost of prosthetic devices & we won't rest until we have you at your BEST!  So don't give up; just ask us to help, because we specialize in making dreams come true.

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Educate & Empower

If this is the first time you've looked into obtaining more information about prosthetics or life with limb loss, and this is the first page you've come across, I'm willing to bet you have a buh-zillion questions.  Actually, I'd even venture to say that you don't have a clue what questions to ask or to whom to ask them. Don't worry, you're not the only one who has suddenly been faced with a life-altering event of which they have no previous knowledge or experience. There are millions just like you and they've all needed questions answered too.  A.B.L.E. delivers answers.  We provide answers along with the proper educational and training tools you'll need to find the ultimate success with a prosthesis. We have endless resources and inexhaustible volunteers committed to your success. So, if you have questions; we have the answers.  Visit our                      page to drop us a note or give us a call. We'll be happy to assist you with anything you need. 

Lead By Example

A.B.L.E.  advocates will tell you that what sets us aside from other organizations is that we don't just talk-the-talk. We walk-the-walk. Literally!  In the words of A.B.L.E. Ambassador, Chris Madison, "If you have a dream, a desire, a goal, or a purpose; the only thing that is stopping you from achieving it is YOU."  But Chris isn't just giving you lip-service with these words; he practices what he preaches every single day. After a traumatic accident left him with a below the knee amputation, Chris grieved as anyone who experienced something that traumatic would. But then he did the unthinkable....he overcame. He conquered. He went on to realize every goal he set out to accomplish and continues to set new goals everyday.  Just this month, he completed his first Iron Man Competition. He adds that achievement to his many race ribbons, including the 2014 Boston Marathon. He is an inspiration to us all and a true leader not only within our organization, but within the entire limb deficient community.